Why Neutek

Fabricators are constantly threatened by shrinking profits from rising material costs, competition and expensive machinery. In an increasing complex world if increasing costs are not mitigated, profits disappear and inevitably, the business fails.

Neutek Machinery delivers reliable, world-class machinery which increases your productivity and expands fabricators capabilities at prices that protect the bottom line. When people work with Neutek Machinery, they expand their capacity for growth and secure their future.

We offer quality machines at affordable prices, empowering fabricators to reach their goals.

How do we work?

When asked how Neutek works with its customers, the answer is simple – we have three core guiding principles:

We listen.

We build sincere relationships, understand customers’ challenges, and provide highly informed recommendations.

We consult.

Our recommendations are based on the understanding of the customers’ expectations and extensive industry knowledge.

We take initiative.

We are proactive and serve customers with our ability to understand their needs, goals and desires.

These three central actions mean in working with Neutek, your team will have a partner that looks out for your best interest and provides you with the right equipment to reach your goals.

Our Principles

At Neutek we have principles that guide our staffing and solutions for how we run the company. We don’t hide them – we hire by them. Here is what you can expect with every interaction with our staff:


We operate with integrity and deliver what we promise our customers consistently over time.


Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to deliver the best solution for the specific application because fabricators depend on our recommendations.


We are driven to serve by anticipating and responding to our future and present customer needs.


What wakes us up in the morning, drives us to serve you, and pushes us to serve our customers with integrity? It’s simple:

At Neutek Machinery, we know fabricators face risk and expense in every machine-tool purchase. We believe every shop requires quality machinery at affordable prices so they can increase productivity and profit.

Our Team

Cary Teeple Headshot

Cary Teeple, President & Founder

Cary has a career spanning over 30 years in sales and sales management of sheet metal fabrication machinery and manufacturing. He has held sales management positions for Murata Machinery USA and MC Machinery’s Press Brake Division. With extensive knowledge in manufacturing technologies, Cary has assisted both large international corporations and small privately held companies in acquiring the right machine tool for a particular application and goals.


Hunter Laube, Sales Engineer

Hunter Laube is a dedicated and knowledgeable sales engineer based in Ohio, bringing a wealth of expertise to the field of sheet metal fabrication machinery and its diverse applications. Hunter has helped both small private companies to large corporate entities find the right machine for their application.

Holdyn Estes

Holdyn Estes, Sales Engineer

Holdyn is from Princeton, Kentucky and received his bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from Murray State University. Before joining Neutek, he served in engineering roles at Heidelberg Materials on the K4 Project and Wabash National. He brings a knowledge of cutting-edge technologies seen in many applications and enjoys helping people find solutions to optimize their manufacturing processes in a competitive world.