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The Faccin Group is a global leader in manufacturing the widest range of metal rolling and forming machines. Founded in the 1960’s, Faccin is headquartered in Visano, Italy with offices in the USA, Germany as well as sales offices, dealers and business partners around the world.

Our leading international brands of Faccin, Roundo and Boldrini are all united by common standards of world-class caliber: tailored, energy-efficient products and service systems that include plate rolling, profile bending, dished head lines and special machines.

Through our advanced vertically integrated factories, we deliver a comprehensive selection of the highest quality machine tools and automation to satisfy the most challenging applications.

Plate Roller

Plate Rolls

Faccin manufactures the widest range of plate rolls available internationally. Faccin offers technologically advanced plate rolls capable of processing materials from thin sheet metal to thick plates with maximum precision, high productivity, and long-term reliability.

Fully automated lines are available for high production or heavy applications that require material handling assistance handling.

Range of Offerings

In order to satisfy every application requirement, Faccin offers rolls from both the Faccin and Roundo product lines. For rolling sheet metal, we offer high-speed, two-roll systems, ASI three-roll initial pinch, and an electronic double pinch three-roll pyramid roll.

For rolling thicker plate, The Faccin Group manufactures a four-roll pyramid electronic roll, and a three-roll variable geometry roll.

Angle Rolls

THE FACCIN GROUP manufactures angle rolls that are technologically advanced, reliable, and able to assure excellent quality with maximum productivity over time. Faccin’s angle rolls are suitable for rolling steel, stainless steel and aluminium profiles and beams of various shapes and sizes. Additionally, fully automated lines are available for high production or heavy applications that require material handling assistance.

Through either the Faccin or Roundo product lines, the Faccin Group builds angle rolls to efficiently satisfy the most diverse processing requirements. We offer three (3) high performance models to the RCMI, Taurus, and the R series angle rolls.



The RCMI double pinch angle roll is specifically designed for bending profiles with high flexion strength modulus. The RCMI angle roll is equipped with a series of modular rolls that makes it possible to bend different profiles with maximum accuracy and minimum deformation. With the modular rolls, it is possible to bend flat bars, square bars, round bars, T-profiles. With a set of universal rolls, it is also possible to bend I beams, H beams and U channels for structural steel.

The Taurus

The Taurus

The Taurus variable geometry angle roll is suitable for rolling aluminum profiles as well as heavy metal fabrication work. In our variable geometry machine, the top roll moves vertically and the side rolls move horizontally, changing the bending force according to the strength of the material and desired profile. The Taurus is a very versatile machine, ideal for bending a wide range of profiles, from small to big, minimizing the flat part and the scrap material.

The Roundo R

The Roundo R

The Roundo R series has 3 hydraulic drive rolls with an infinitely variable control to minimize slipping and maximize accuracy. Both lower rolls are independently adjustable, providing maximum versatility plus the ability to pre-bend both ends.

Dish Head and Specialty Machines

Boldrini, the Faccin Groups oldest brand, has been manufacturing machine tools since 1905. Boldrini is the world leader in Dish Head machines. Additionally, Boldrini manufactures Flanging Machines and Special Presses.

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Faccin S.p.A. is one of the world leaders in the design, manufacturing and sale of plate and angle rolls, dished heads machinery and special machines. With a technologically advanced production and certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, Faccin is the largest production facility in the world of bending systems and plate bending machines. Through an extensive network of subsidiaries, Faccin provides thorough sales and after-sales service worldwide.